Our Mission

PHARMACY TIMES® CLINICAL FORUM events are roundtable discussions led by specialized practitioners, and are meant to provide insight on specific therapeutic areas. These meetings are designed to share real-world experiences and best practices among institutions of excellence.

With the goal of advancing clinical outcomes and improving patient care, Pharmacy Times offers the latest news and insights for the pharmacy professional, along with solutions that impact the everyday practice of pharmacy. Our family of print publications, digital resources, and live events such as Clinical Forum discussions offer countless opportunities for expanding and sharing knowledge among pharmacy professionals.

We believe that collaboration is the driver behind positive patient outcomes and advancements in clinical treatment, so through these events we bring together specialized practitioners to offer them the opportunity to network and engage in robust discussion surrounding their area of practice.

Upcoming Events
Join us for a chance to engage with peers, provide clinical insight, and advance patient outcomes
What we offer
Leading Industry Experts

Engage with top pharmacists and healthcare professionals as they share groundbreaking research and clinical practices. This event stands out by featuring speakers renowned for advancing pharmacy practice and patient care.

Advanced Therapy Discussions

Delve into sessions focused on advanced therapies and emerging treatment trends. This includes hearing and discussing latest science, treatment options, and patient management strategies; positioning Clinical Forum discussions at the forefront of clinical advancements.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers and industry leaders These meetings facilitate networking in structured and informal settings, ideal for building lasting professional relationships and collaborations.

Post-Event Resources

Content from the discussion is featured on Pharmacy Times platforms to share important findings and best practices for continued learning and discussion. These digital and print recaps ensure the impact of the Clinical Forum extends well beyond the event itself.

Attendee Testimonials

Stay updated on breaking news, industry trends, and exclusive speaking opportunities